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Musculoskeletal (MSK)Ultrasound

Diagnostic imaging is an important part of making a diagnosis in your pet. X-rays are often performed in order to assess bony and some soft tissue structures. In some case, X-rays may not be able detect abnormalities and ultrasound may be recommended. Ultrasound is very useful in examining the shoulder and knee joints as it can assess the tendons and ligaments in the region which are not easily seen with X-ray. It can also be used to assess the menisci, Achilles tendon, the illopsoas and guide injections such as PRP and anti-inflammatory therapy. In some cases, referral for more advanced imaging such as CT or MRI may be recommended.

We offer onsite diagnostic MSK ultrasound services and work with a board-certified radiologist with expertise in interpreting MSK ultrasound studies.

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