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Collingwood Active Pets
Rehab and Hydrotherapy


What is Pet Rehab?

Pet rehabilitation or pet rehab is similar to physiotherapy in human medicine. Using a multi-modal and patient-centered approach, pet rehab is used to help restore function, mobility, and quality of life. Although most commonly used in dogs, physical rehabilitation can be part of a treatment protocol for almost any animal species including cats. The current AAHA/AAFP  pain management guidelines recognize that using only pharmacologic management for pain is no longer sufficient. Pets feel pain in ways similar to humans and the modalities used in pet rehabilitation specifically aid in the treatment of acute and chronic pain, as well as enhance recovery from a variety of surgical procedures. Although many animals may heal and recover without rehabilitation, studies show that they will indeed suffer less and heal better with rehabilitation.

Collingwood Active Pets was founded on the belief that our pets deserve a life of pain-free mobility.  We are proud to have opened the first Pet Rehabilitation center in our region serving Collingwood, Wasaga Beach, Stayner, Town of Blue Mountains and communities within Southern Georgian Bay and beyond.

What is Hydrotherapy?


Hydrotherapy is a safe, non-invasive therapy that uses the properties of water to treat a variety of conditions of our pets. During hydrotherapy sessions, your pet will swim in an indoor heated pool or walk in a specially designed underwater treadmill, under the guidance of our experienced therapists. Unlike traditional exercises, hydrotherapy offers a low-impact workout that puts minimal stress on your pet’s joints, making it an ideal exercise to increase mobility, promote weight loss, and support post-surgery recovery.

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